Sunday, February 26, 2012

Playing in the rain

Matthew loves playing in the rain! While Grandma, Papa, Aunt Juju, Momma and Daddy hung out in the garage, this little man decided the rain was just too tempting. He ran in and out of the rain laughing and having a good ole time. 

 I'm pretty sure Matthew found the fun!
 Rain is so much fun!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Lately Matthew really likes to get into the driver's seat of any vehicle and pretend he is driving. He will run to the driver's side door and start hollering to get us to let him in. Plus, he is one observant little man--he'll try to turn the key, turn on the radio, roll down the windows....all the things I think he see us do when we drive. I snapped a few pics of his new favorite thing to do.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Boy.

Matthew is now saying a lot of words, many of which I'm sure I'm not even aware of, but some new ones that have come to my attention are: 
'tar (for guitar)
more (well, he signs that one)
Sasha (but doesn't sound anything like it)
no no no! when he is about to do something he knows he's not supposed to
Watch (t.v.)
...and then some!
 My little musician on one of the three guitars he got for Christmas
 Santa Baby
 Sharing a bowl of Lucky Charms with Daddy.
 Again, the musician! Matthew played on Grandma's keyboard at Christmas, propped up by a box =)
Back at home lounging on his chair, I think watching Blues Clues. So fun!

Way behind, for good reason

My intentions were to post much more often than I have been, but lately we have consumed ourselves with searching for baby bedroom ideas and furniture. Over Christmas, I was very inspired by how my sister-in-law Stacy is able to find incredible pieces and refinish them into beautiful furniture for her house. Therefore, instead of blogger, I've been on pinterest, craigslist, and ebay. We had an awesome find in a Drexel Heritage dresser and nightstand for under $300 that we are going to refinish/repaint white and use in Matthew's room. My inspiration for his red white and blue room comes from the following pictures: 

 Matt's walls are similar to these blue walls above
 I LOVE the red bed and the giant "A" on the wall...I'm so doing that!
I'm going to do some of the Dr. Seuss Pottery Barn bedding to tie in the red, white, and blue of all the pieces. 

Essentially, Matthew's room is that light blue color, his dresser and night stand will be white, and his bed I'm thinking I will do fire engine red, and then tie it all together with the bedding and wall decor. 

For baby girl's room, I'm using Matthew's nursery furniture and planning on doing the Pink Harper set from Pottery Barn (except with dark furniture):
Need to figure out a way to create that "LOVE" sign for less that $100...

I also want to make this crayon art (with bright pink flowers):

I'm not a very creative person, but lately the bug has hit me, and I'm trying to take advantage (and notes) of it while it lasts! Any other ideas for a boys red, white, and blue room or a girls pink and white room are gladly accepted! 

Friday, December 9, 2011


Since my last post we've been a busy little family! We went to Lexington, KY to visit with my sister's family, the McKenzie's, and my mom for Thanksgiving. We had a great time spending time with them, which we don't get to do NEARY enough. We also got to find out we are having a sweet baby girl (yay!) and spent a few dollars (or a lot) getting a jump start on Elizabeth's closet. Since then we've just been getting ready for the holidays and trying to stay warm here in south Mississippi.

 "Driving" with Daddy, one of Matthew's favorite things to do
 Ha-ya! Straight to the throat! This wasn't really as bad as it looks...
 Matthew is starting to love hats!
 A look that says, "I'm about to climb those stairs!"
 Gavin and Matthew are serious pals!
 "You climb in it, and I'll climb on top!"
 Gavin tested out the chocolate mousse Connor and Aunt Shana made.
 Connor in the midst of making his first chocolate mousse. He was successful.
 Gavin, Uncle Shaun (Gavin's daddy), and Matthew
 Our nativity. Love love it!
 Rudolph, otherwise know as "Ru-off"
 My little guitar hero.
 Matthew and Daddy getting bundled up for the cold
Matthew loving his new hat and the ornament necklace from Grandma BB

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Sometimes it would appear that Matthew is a Mama's boy. If he's upset, he wants Mama. When he's going to sleep, he wants Mama. I've always told Ross that one of these days, that will all change and Matt will want to go fishing with Daddy, throw the football with Daddy, go driving with Daddy.
That has all been changing recently. Now, when Daddy gets home from work, Matthew picks up the nearest sport equipment, whether it be a football or his little golf club, and runs, grinning big, to his daddy to play. He also loves to put Daddy's hat on backwards.
Today he had a little meltdown at "school" and his teacher said that he starting crying "Dada! Dada! Dada!" over and over.
That warmed Ross's heart a little =)

Daddy and Matthew

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Note to self: never leave Matthew unattended while a box of Cheerios is within reach.